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Points of light on the path to evolve mixed climbing
Zac St. Jules + Jon Mercer

What really goes into the pursuit of a challenging objective? What is the life balance/unbalance it takes to advance as a climber and what is it all for?

Beacons is an episodic short documentary series centered on Zac St. Jules’s upcoming 2018/19 ice and mixed climbing season. As Zac trains and progresses through this year’s objectives, the project takes a personal look at life outside of the sport and exploration of what it takes to make progress as a semi-professional athlete. We are led through the series by the beacons in Zac’s life that guide him forward. These beacons are sources of inspiration and a grounding force – stories and experiences from those for whom climbing has become more than just trying hard routes. Produced by Key and Kitestring
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Yankee Debrief
Casual banter between outdoor enthusiasts
Josh Klockars

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Wild Northeast
Adventure Magazine
Ian Ferguson + Brett Fitzgerald

Wild Northeast is a free magazine covering outdoor adventure sports, and outdoor culture in New England and northern New York. It is published twice a year by Wild Northeast Media, LLC. and distributed in shops and businesses throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and northeastern New York.
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Mount Forist, Berlin NH
Crag Development Project
Matty Bowman + Others

In the heart of the New Hampshire’s north country lies a sleepy town, Berlin, devastated by the loss of their paper mills. The town, land managers and planning boards are working with local climbers – including Matty Bowman – to develop an strategic plan to responsibly allow access and build infrastructure to support the development of Mount Forist as a viable climbing crag that is conveniently located minutes from downtown.
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Chasing Angels, Fleeing Demons
Community-building exploration
Brett Fitzgerald

Chasing Angels, Fleeing Demons is a look at the social psychology of those who seek purpose in the mountains. By uncovering the motivations of mountain recreationalists we can find likeness and support in our outdoor community.
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Alpine Women Collective
Encouring and empowering women to seek adventure
Cait Bourgault + Sarah McClean

We came together a few years ago and started hiking the New Hampshire 48 4,000 Footers together. We quickly discovered our shared passion for those weekend adventures. That passion is what’s got us itching to show our friends, family, and fellow wanderlusting women the excitement we’ve found in the mountains. Hiking has made us happier, stronger, better women, and we think it’s worth sharing.
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We believe in living a life of freedom, happiness and balance
Corey Fitzgerald

We observe in awe the perfect rhythm to ebbs and flows of the natural world. We expect ups and accept the downs. We openly embrace that to celebrate one, is to honor the absence of the other. There is symmetry in perfect opposition and the relationship is authentic and complete. In this light, we cut free our dependence on technology in order to reconnect. In the fast pace of the online world we wander mindlessly and freely through digital connection. Scrolling. Clicking. Swiping. Minimal design has created a minimal existence only broad as the screen at which we stare. We find balance and happiness in its essential counterpart.

We believe in the influence of action, integrity, self-expression, creativity, community, authenticity and exploration. We believe in a simpler life where hugs, tears, eye-to-eye contact, handshakes and direct experience are vital. We find it all in the expanse of open fields, on the sandbanks of the shores and the wild spaces between. We find it in Akureyri.

We believe that our ability to connect and share is infinite. Adventure is about the people that you meet and the experiences that you share. Success is identifying objectives and smashing expectations. Finding happiness in a simpler form of living. In Iceland, we are deeply connected. To eachother. To a place and by good fortune – two boards.

We believe in elevated living. We believe in a life much lower. We believe it’s a matter of perspective. For life up high is free. Life down low brings balance. And a life with both is happy.

We are [dis]connected.

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Human Powered Adventure with Joe Klementovich (Multi-media campaign)
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